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So its the morning of new years and im getting my hair and nails done and I get a text from a close friend his name is Melvin. So he text’s me “hey” and I said “hey what r u doing to nite” he said “going to carols ill see u there and im getting a hair cut” I said “cool well see you to nite and say hi to the baby for me” he said “the baby is going to carols to night my sister is bringing her and see u later”. So then when im all done I helped out my grandmother and aunt Nelly with some food to bring over to there house. So we all got ready and baby Bella looked so cute in her little baby dress. I wore pants and a shirt well cute dress clothes. My makeup was done by me I looked too cute. So we all got dressed and waited for some of my family members to come to the house so we can all leave together. Then they came and we called two taxis and they came and we left. So when I get to carols house Melvin see’s me and he’s carries me in the air and hugs me.

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Hope you guys like it! I was 17 and he was Even the slight age difference, Cam was a little over protective. Cameron moved out a while ago.

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Plot[ edit ] Tyler is a high school student in love with his girlfriend Alison ‘Ali’. One night at a party, Tyler discovers that Ali used to be a heavy partier and would often drink and sleep around. Tyler gets angry and the couple break up. Outside the party, he meets the mysterious Holly. They end up partying and sleeping together. They spend the rest of the weekend in Holly’s huge house, with Holly telling Tyler her father died and her stepmom travels a lot. Tyler says that the weekend was special before leaving, seemingly forgetting all about Ali.

Tyler gets back together with Ali the following day, and while at school, notices Holly.

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But Bella Thorne has a message for all those would-be-suitors and it’s emblazoned on her cell phone cover, as she revealed in an Instagram on Tuesday. Tongue-in-cheek the year-old star captioned the image: The former Disney star shows off her abs in the snap wearing a bralet and her boyfriend’s navy sports jersey with some sweatpants. In another image she poses at the door of her trailer showing off her fit physique.

Mentally Dating Nash Grier Shirt. Or they might be ostracised, sent out to a likely death.. Genetic defeat is permanentfor all time. He thinks it may be misdirection against the CIA. Money can be filtered down to Common Purpose whose graduates can collude in for example building projects.. Co.

Director Jen Heyes Legendary Beatles manager Brian Epstein reflects on success, sexuality and self-loathing in this fictionalized stage drama. But this low-key stage drama approaches the subject with more intelligence and nuance than most, probing the complex soul of legendary pop manager Brian Epstein, who became a global superstar by discovering the Fab Four, only to be destroyed by his own brittle and tormented nature.

The Man Who Made the Beatles comes to its limited London run after premiering in Liverpool in at a refurbished theater named after its subject. That said, writer Andrew Sherlock’s play balances admirably serious intent with obvious appeal for the huge market of fans and tourists who keep the lucrative Beatlemania industry alive. Returning home with a strapping young Liverpool lad Will Finlason who caught his eye in a local bar, the famously gay manager Andrew Lancel clearly has sexual intentions.

But his visitor, who simply calls himself This Boy one of several allusions to Beatles lyrics scattered throughout the text has another agenda. This setup seems to promise a sexually charged battle of wits between the young visitor and his pill-popping, masochistic, highly strung host.

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He believes that the key to life is for men to honour their primal nature. Visit his new website at primalexistence. The only requirement that a young man needed to find his sweetheart was that he be a decent and hard-working man. But fast-forward to today—things have changed a lot about the type of men women are attracted to.

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More than you might think. The brothers, nicknamed Team Grier, are joining the First Lady and 50 other celebrity ambassadors for the FNV campaign, designed to encourage young people to eat their fruits and vegetables. FNV, led by the Partnership for a Healthier America, is focused on increasing fruit and veggie consumption and sales. The news of Team Grier’s involvement with the campaign will be announced officially on Monday. His brother, Hayes, 15, has 3 million Twitter followers, about , subscribers to his YouTube channel and 4.

Proceeds will go to Partnership for a Healthier America. Nash said the brothers will also plan on making videos related to the cause. Stream Con draws in droves of digital conference newbies on Halloween Obama has long been an advocate for healthy foods. The news of the Grier brothers’ joining the campaign is the latest example of organizations utilizing digital stars to help influence younger audiences. Earlier this year, the Ad Council announced it is working with Google and a few digital content companies to launch Creators for Good, a campaign that pairs popular personalities on social platforms with Ad Council campaigns.

Hayes and Nash get that, and we’re excited they’ve joined more than 50 other celebrities on Team FNV.

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I flung my bag and stuff onto the couch and strolled down the hall to our room. Nash was laying on the bed out cold. I flopped onto the bed easily drifting off into a peaceful slumber. When I woke up it was 1: Geez I slept long. I walked down the hall and into the living room where Nash was sitting on his laptop. He looked up and noticed me. I walked into the kitchen and started making myself a peice and bacon. Can you get that for me? I walked over to the Coffee table and picked up her phone.

The call was from an unknown number. Nash, is that you? She was on the phone for a while before I heard her start to cry. What is going on.

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Can you do one where you are dating Hayes but he catches you with Nash? I sighed proceed upstairs to Nash room like everyday. I open the door seeing Nash lying down clicking on his laptop, he looks up sending a his signature smile making me blush, I walked to the bed laying next to him. He crawls on top of me straddling my thighs, he takes his shirt off throwing it somewhere in the room.

I was so loss in the moment that I forgot about Hayes, soon as Nash lean in to kiss me again, i turn my head in side rejecting his kiss. I push him off me before heading to Hayes room, I heard Nash sigh loudly from across the room.

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Hedge fund filings with regulators also showedthat Leon Cooperman’s Omega Advisors took a stake in Apple. First, Russia has very few close allies, and Putin may be reluctant to ditch one. On third-and-3 from the Cardinals 48, Daryl Washington was bringing Wilson to the ground for an apparent sack when the quarterback got rid of the ball for a 6-yard completion to Miller. The AP reissued the photos along with this story. He says he last saw his nephew Labor Day weekend when he traveled to the family cottage with son Christopher.

Hunter says Arnold, ever the pilot, talked about building a two-seat airplane in his basement and was focusing on building the wing.

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